Sandblasting Cabinets

ACE Automotive Cleaning Equipment makes a wide variety of sandblasting cabinets.  ACE sandblasting cabinets and media blasting cabinets are produced by forming and welding heavy gauge steel.

Every product design includes emphasis on safety and convenience considerations that serve to enhance the ruggedness and user friendliness of the product.  Gun nozzles and air jets are tungsten carbide, which lasts considerably longer than ceramic. Full width openings, shielded fluorescent lighting, air safety switches, and an air regulator are features that contribute to consistently producing a superior blasting result, with ease.

With a wide variety of stock cabinet sizes, designs, options, and the ability to custom fabricate special systems, ACE can meets almost every customer’s needs.

In addition to our complete product line, ACE also offers a knowledgeable technical staff to assist you in making the proper selection of equipment and media to meet your needs and to keep your system running trouble-free.

Visit our website or call us at either 888-772-3263 or 616-844-9240 to find out how ACE can help you with your sandblasting or media blasting needs.  We also make eco friendly soda blasting equipment in both portable and cabinet models.

ACE Automotive Cleaning Equipment is a leader in soda blasting and sandblasting equipment and accessories. ACE makes custom built sandblasting cabinets and custom built sodablasting cabinets in addition to our portable soda blast product and regular product offerings.

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