Custom Built Blasting Cabinets

ImageDo you need a custom built soda blasting cabinet, media blasting cabinet, or sandblasting cabinet for your business? 

ACE Automotive Cleaning Equipment makes custom built sandblasting cabinets and custom built soda blasting cabinets in addition to our regular product offerings.

We also make special purpose cabinets such as the fully automated air blow off chamber for a rebuilder of hospital computer systems.  This particular special order cabinet includes heavy duty turntable on tracks, fully adjustable air spray heads, and automated timer controlled operation.

Give us a call at 888-772-3263 or 616-844-9240 and talk to one of our blasting equipment pros for a price quote.  We can help!

ACE Automotive Cleaning Equipment is a leader in soda blasting and sandblasting equipment and accessories. ACE makes custom built sandblasting cabinets and custom built sodablasting cabinets in addition to our portable soda blast product and regular product offerings.

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